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Father's Day: 7 Inexpensive Activities

Want something different to do for Father's Day? Why not trade that gift for an activity?

Father and daughter

With gas prices soaring, the economy is making it difficult for many families to splurge on the extras. We all want to make our dads feel special, and with a smaller cash flow this isn't always easy for everyone.

"Change up breakfast time for Daddy and try adding some imagination to the bowl!"

Try something different and make Dad's day unique this year! Check out our lists of ideas!

7 Inexpensive Activities for Father's Day

1. Fort Building (Backyard or Inside)

How about taking fort building to another level? Stop by your local store, Walmart, or Target and ask for empty boxes that will be thrown out. Stock up on those Amazon boxes too! Grab some packing tape and you are all set. Now your children can design their own fort with Daddy!

With the little ones, you can build as you go. If you have older ones and tweens, have them come up with designs on paper. Just make sure everyone has a job!!

2. Breakfast Time-Invent new cereals with Dad

Change up breakfast time for Daddy and try adding some imagination to the bowl! Make sure to pick up different things like marshmallows, mini cookies, fruit, etc. from the store (or just pull from you pantry things you already have). Let each child create their own "brand" cereal for their father. If you really want to add a twist-- add a blindfold to the mix!

breakfast cereal

3. Family Kickball Game

This is a great idea for all ages! Get those teens and college kids outside too!

You can do this with as little as four people. All you need is a ball. You can make bases out of anything from a curb to a tree. Be creative and make sure to take lots of pictures of the laughs! As the kiddos get older, this could become a tradition.

Family playing kickball

4. Backyard Picnic

Restaurants can be expensive with any size of families and this economy! Why not make all of Daddy's favorite foods and take it outside? Grab some blankets and throw pillows to add a special touch. The kids can make up fancy names for each dish!

5. Fishing Trip

If your family loves the outdoors and water, go on a family fishing trip at the local lake, or closet pond, or creek. To help save money, ask some friends if they have any fishing poles for kids. I have seen people fish with everything from worms and crickets to sausages. Check out The Custom Fisherman for ideas!

6. Go on a Bike Ride

This could be special if this is something Dad loves, but just doesn't get much time to do!

Let the children design a map of where they want to take Dad. If your kiddos are really into electronics, have them design something online.

Want to add to it? Have pit stops along the way where everyone stops and the kids have special questions for Daddy, or special memories. There are so many possibilities to make this time special.

7. Camp indoors

Father and son camping

Pick a room and turn it into a tent. Add sleeping bags, snacks, and time for telling stories and you have created an awesome memory for all. Don't forget supplies for s'mores! I know my kids used to love to act like we had to travel through a forest before getting to our campsite!


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