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6 Organizational Must Haves for Blended Families

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

When blending two families with multiple kids, organization becomes a top priority to keep controlled chaos in order. If you find yourself scrambling to find things in your now fast moving household, check out our “must haves” to help bring order to some small and important parts of your lives.

1. Organized Chaos 2023 Planner

This planner is the first practical step to organizing bills, appointments, and activities. Although there are several apps that could help with this, it helps to have something physically in your hands where you can flip back and forth and save all key information.

These come in two different sizes and provide 18 months worth of calendars.

2. Dry Erase Laminated Jumbo Wall Calendar

Wall calendars help everyone see the big picture for the month! When kids are traveling back and forth to each parent’s house, they can easily get confused as to where they are supposed to be each day and weekend. This huge calendar helps save the confusion! This is a definite must have!

3. Expanding File Folder

This expanding file folder helps parents keep all of their important documents for each child in one place. Think about all the birth certificates, passports, shot records, etc. being in one place for each child! These folders also make it easy to transport paperwork back and forth from each parent. This will help eliminate all the extra phone calls and texts between parents when they need one document.

4. Non-Fading Clothing Stamp for Kids

When you add more kids to the family–the avalanche of laundry comes with it! This non-fading clothing stamp makes it super easy to label everyone’s clothing. This is also Amazon’s pick as well! Click the button below to see just how easy this will make it for all family members.

5. Collapsible Washing Laundry Basket Bag

This collapsible laundry basket comes in multiple colors, so a parent can give each child their own basket. They are water resistant and collapsible in order to be folded and stored away. If each child has their own color and basket, this will help the parents keep laundry separated and easy to put away.

6. Clothes Storage Organizer for Kids

This closet organizer will store an outfit for each day of the week for each child. What a wonderful solution to morning stress! Kids can help pick out their clothes for the week and have them stored in each pocket/shelf. This is also a great tool to help build independence for your children!

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